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CONPELL R70 is a rapid setting polymer modified, shrinkage compensated trowel applied, and cement based repair mortar. CONPELL R70 is designed for use on horizontal surfaces only and requires just the addition of water to produce a smooth workable mixture. CONPELL R70 is ideal for ramping or repairing damage to concrete floors prior to the application of CONPELL flooring systems.

Epo Shield 100 Rapid is a two component, solvent free epoxy binder system, designed as a patching agent or primer for CONPELL Epo Shield 100, 108 and Epo Shield SL systems. Epo Shield 100 Rapid can also be used as a finishing coat. Epo Shield 100 Rapid is available in clear or colour (colour achieved with colour packs added, 1 x 500mls per 9.50ltr of Epo Shield 100 Rapid).

Contact manufacturer for further information. Epo Shield 100 Rapid is fast curing and allows for fast re-coat times.

Epo Shield TF100 is a two component high build, solvent free epoxy binder system designed for use with specific aggregates chosen by the applicator to achieve a heavy duty, impact resistant and abrasive resistant flooring system. Epo Shield TF100 should be over coated with Epo Shield 100 colour to achieve a consistent floor finish. With the addition of selected aggregates, Epo Shield TF100 can be used as a high strength concrete repair mortar.

CONPELL HP primer is a two component synthetic resin based epoxy primer and bonding agent designed to adhere to dense non-porous surfaces, prior to the application of CONPELL cement based repair mortars.

CONPELL MP Primer is a high performance; alkyd resin based primer specifically designed to prime and protect metal surfaces.

CONPELL Primer SE is a high performance, polyvinyl butyral and epoxy based, self-etching coating designed to protect and promote adhesion to metals, zinc coated steel, stainless steel, aluminium and fibreglass prior to the application of CONPELL Urethane, epoxy and acrylic based coatings.

Vapour Shield WB is an environmentally friendly, two component water based epoxy designed to act as a moisture and vapour barrier over cementitious substrates.


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