Exterior Acrylic sealer

Envirotop W is a water based, general purpose clear or coloured acrylic concrete sealer designed to be used as a top coat to the CONPELL Envirogrip and Envirogrip RC textured finishes or as a coating for exterior concrete surfaces. Envirotop W ensures the finished surface is easier to clean and resistant to the penetration from oils and other liquids. Envirotop W is apllied as a one coat applicatoion over Envirogrip and Envirogip RC and as a two coat application over external concrete surfaces.

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CONPELL Epo & Poly Shield Colour Card We have a variety of colours to suite your needs.

- CONPELL Epo & Poly Shield Colour Card
- Epo Flake Colour Card
- Envirogrip Colour Card

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